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Global Drum Network

Bob Spry

GLOBAL DRUM NETWORK is a vibrant, professionally-produced monthly podcast, bringing together and informing the worldwide community of drummers and percussionists - wherever and whoever you are.We aim to inspire our listeners by bringing you the very best in news, features and interviews with leading players, insights, advice and, uniquely, product reviews and demonstrations which can be heard in studio quality. We record these in our own professional studios to enable independent, objective comparison between new products and benchmark instruments. We believe this is a truly groundbreaking development, for the first time enabling listeners to hear the qulaities of an instrument for themselves to make an informed buying decision in a way which the written word alone cannot.In addition to this we will be encouraging two-way communication with our listeners and enabling worldwide networking as we bring musicians together to collaborate in discussions, projects and live events.It's an established fact that the drum is offically the coolest instrument on the planet! We're extremely excited at the massive potential of the Global Drum Network, and welcome your input and participation as you join us on our journey. Whoever you are, wherever you are, come and help us beat out the rhythm of life!

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